When Is Lacrosse Season?

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Lacrosse season is an exciting time for players and fans alike. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this guide will help you understand when the season begins and ends, what you need to know about the game, and how to prepare for the ultimate lacrosse experience. From the first whistle to the last, lacrosse season is filled with action, drama, and unforgettable moments. So, let’s dive into the ultimate guide to knowing when lacrosse season begins and ends.


Understanding the Different Lacrosse Leagues and Their Seasons

Lacrosse is played in a variety of leagues and each has its own specific season schedule. Some of the most popular leagues include the National Lacrosse League (NLL), Major League Lacrosse (MLL), and the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League (WPLL).


The NLL is a professional indoor lacrosse league that is played from December to April. It features nine teams across North America and is considered to be the premier professional indoor lacrosse league.


The MLL is a professional outdoor lacrosse league that is played from April to August. It features nine teams across North America and is known for its fast-paced and high-scoring games.


The WPLL is a professional women’s lacrosse league that is played from May to July. It features five teams across North America and is the first professional women’s lacrosse league in the world.


When Does Lacrosse Season Start and End?

The start and end dates of lacrosse season can vary depending on the league, but typically the season begins in the spring and ends in the summer.


For the NLL, the season starts in December and ends in April. The MLL starts in April and ends in August. The WPLL starts in May and ends in July.


It’s important to note that these are just general guidelines and actual start and end dates can vary depending on the specific league and year. Be sure to check with your local league or team for the exact dates of the lacrosse season.


Key Events During Lacrosse Season

Lacrosse season typically runs from February to June and there are several key events that take place during this time period. Some of these key events are as follows:


Tryouts: Tryouts are the first event of the lacrosse season. They usually take place in February and allow coaches to assess the skills and abilities of potential players.


Pre-Season Scrimmages: After tryouts, teams will start preparing for the upcoming season by participating in pre-season scrimmages. These games are used to build team cohesion, develop new strategies, and refine individual skills.


Regular Season Games: The regular season games begin in March and continue until May. These games are critical for determining the playoff seeding and overall success of the team.


Tournaments: Many teams participate in lacrosse tournaments, either as a tune-up for the regular season or as a way to prepare for the postseason. These tournaments are usually played on weekends and offer a chance for teams to compete against high-level competition.


Conference Championships: At the end of the regular season, conference championships are held to determine the champion of each conference. These games are typically played on a neutral field and are the final step before the playoffs.


Playoffs: The playoffs take place in May and June and are the final stage of the lacrosse season. Teams that qualify compete in a single elimination tournament to determine the overall champion of the league.


All-Star Games: After the playoffs, many leagues host all-star games to recognize the best players of the season. These games are a showcase of individual talent and a celebration of the sport.



Lacrosse season is an exciting time for fans, players, and the sport itself. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just starting to get into the sport, it’s important to know when lacrosse season starts and ends, as well as the key events that take place during the season. Whether you’re tuning in to watch the games or participating in a league yourself, lacrosse season is a great time to enjoy the sport and all it has to offer.

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