Can Women Use Men’s Lacrosse Sticks?

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Lacrosse is a dynamic sport that has been gaining popularity among women in recent years. While there are some similarities between men’s and women’s lacrosse, there are also some key differences in the equipment used. One of the most significant differences is the type of stick used by players. Men’s and women’s lacrosse sticks have different shapes, sizes, and materials, which can affect the way the game is played. This leads to a common question among new players: Can I use a men’s lacrosse stick for women’s lacrosse? In this article, we will explore the differences between men’s and women’s lacrosse sticks, the rules governing stick use in women’s lacrosse, and the potential advantages and disadvantages of using a men’s lacrosse stick in women’s lacrosse.


Can women use men’s lacrosse sticks?

While women’s and men’s lacrosse sticks are designed differently and have some key differences, women can technically use men’s lacrosse sticks if they choose to. However, it is important to note that doing so may result in certain disadvantages or difficulties for the player.

One key difference between men’s and women’s lacrosse sticks is the shape and size of the head. Women’s lacrosse sticks have a shallower pocket and a smaller head, while men’s lacrosse sticks have a deeper pocket and a larger head. This means that women may find it harder to catch and control the ball using a men’s stick, as the pocket may be too deep for their needs.

Another difference is the length of the stick. Men’s lacrosse sticks can be up to 72 inches long, while women’s sticks are typically around 35 inches long. Using a longer stick may make it harder for women to maneuver the stick and control the ball, particularly when passing or shooting.

Finally, it’s worth noting that women’s lacrosse has specific rules regarding the size and shape of the stick that players are allowed to use. While these rules may vary slightly depending on the level of play, they generally require that women’s sticks have a certain shape and dimensions. If a woman were to use a men’s lacrosse stick that does not conform to these rules, she would not be allowed to play in a women’s lacrosse game.


What are the benefits of using men’s lacrosse sticks for women’s lacrosse?

It is not recommended to use men’s lacrosse sticks for women’s lacrosse as they are designed differently and have specific regulations that must be followed. Men’s lacrosse sticks are generally longer, wider, and heavier than women’s lacrosse sticks, and using them in women’s lacrosse may result in safety issues, as well as making it difficult to control the ball and play effectively.

In women’s lacrosse, the rules require that the stick must be between 35.5 and 43.25 inches in length and have a pocket that is shallow enough to allow the ball to be released easily. Women’s lacrosse sticks also have a smaller diameter than men’s lacrosse sticks.

Using a men’s lacrosse stick in women’s lacrosse may also result in penalties for illegal equipment, and it is important to adhere to the regulations set forth by the governing body of the sport. In general, it is best to use equipment specifically designed for the sport and gender for optimal performance and safety.


What are the disadvantages of using men’s lacrosse sticks for women’s lacrosse?

There are also some disadvantages to using men’s lacrosse sticks for women’s lacrosse. Firstly, the men’s lacrosse stick is generally heavier, which can make it challenging to maneuver and control the stick, especially if you do not have a lot of experience playing. Additionally, the regulation dimensions of women’s sticks are designed to make the stick safer for all players, and using a men’s stick may increase the risk of injury.


Can a woman’s game be impacted if she uses a men’s lacrosse stick?

Yes, using a men’s lacrosse stick for women’s lacrosse can impact your game. Using a men’s lacrosse stick may give you more power, but it can also affect your accuracy. Due to the different sidewall shape, pocket depth, and size of men’s sticks, they can significantly affect your ball control, pass accuracy, and shot power. This is why it is essential to find the right balance between power and control, which is possible with women’s lacrosse sticks.


What is the stick length requirement in women’s lacrosse?

As previously mentioned, women’s lacrosse sticks must be between 35.5 inches and 43.25 inches in length. This rule was implemented to ensure safety and fair play on the field. Using a stick that is outside of these guidelines is considered not only dangerous for other players but will result in a penalty with a turnover of possession.


Are there any exceptions for using men’s lacrosse sticks in women’s lacrosse?

Yes, there are exceptions, such as goalies. The rules for goalkeepers in women’s lacrosse are a bit different than players. The stick must have a minimum of 35.5 inches and a maximum of 52 inches, which is longer than a player’s stick. The goalie’s stick can also have a fatter head and deeper scoop, which allows for better ball control and interception in front of the goal. Additionally, a male stick can be used only if no sticks are available for goaltenders, but it’s not a recommended choice.



In conclusion, women can use men’s lacrosse sticks for women’s lacrosse, but it is important to understand the differences between the two sticks. Women’s sticks were designed to ensure safety and fair play on the field, and using men’s sticks could lead to penalty and, more importantly, injuries. Players must choose the correct stick length and weight to find the right balance between power and control. As for goalies, the rules are different, and longer and wider sticks can be used, but again, it is essential to consider safety as a top priority.

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