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Lacrosse is a fast-paced and physically demanding sport that requires players to possess a combination of strength, speed, and agility. One of the key strategies in lacrosse is “man-up” play, where a team takes advantage of an opposing player’s penalty to gain an extra player on the field. 


Man-up refers to a power play in lacrosse where one team has a numerical advantage due to a player from the opposing team being sent to the penalty box for committing a foul. During this time, the team with the man-up advantage will try to score a goal while the opposing team will try to defend their goal while playing short-handed.


In this article, we will explore what “man-up” means in lacrosse, its importance, and how teams can effectively execute a man-up opportunity. Whether you are a seasoned lacrosse player or just starting to learn the game, understanding the concept of man-up play is essential for success on the field.


Importance Of Man-Up Situation In Lacrosse

The man-up situation in lacrosse is important because it provides an opportunity for the attacking team to score goals and increase their chances of winning the game. A man-up situation occurs when a player from the opposing team is penalized and must serve time in the penalty box, leaving the attacking team with one extra player on the field.


In this situation, the attacking team has a significant advantage, as they are able to outnumber the defending team and create more opportunities to score. This makes it crucial for the attacking team to take advantage of this situation and capitalize on their increased numbers.


The man-up situation also requires the defending team to adjust their strategy and play a more conservative game, as they are at a disadvantage. This can impact the flow of the game and potentially lead to mistakes and missed opportunities for the defending team.


Advantages Of Man-Up In Lacrosse

  • Strategic Advantage: The man-up advantage allows teams to gain a strategic advantage by having an extra player on the field. This can lead to more opportunities for scoring and potentially winning the game.


  • Speed and Flow: With the man-up advantage, the game can move faster and more fluidly. Teams can move the ball more quickly and generate more scoring opportunities.


  • Improved Teamwork: A man-up advantage can lead to improved teamwork among players. Teams must work together to make the most of the extra player on the field, and this can lead to a more cohesive unit.


  • Higher Scoring Potential: With an extra player on the field, teams have a higher potential for scoring. This can put pressure on the opposing team and lead to more exciting and high-scoring games.


  • Psychological Advantage: The man-up advantage can also provide a psychological advantage for the team with the extra player. This can lead to improved confidence and motivation among players, resulting in a more focused and successful performance.


  • Increased Possession Time: With the man-up advantage, teams can spend more time with the ball and generate more scoring opportunities. This can lead to longer possession time and more opportunities for the team to demonstrate their skills and strategies.


Strategies For Effective Man-Up In Lacrosse

  • Communication: Effective communication is key in man-up situations. Players should communicate with each other and be aware of their roles and responsibilities on the field. This helps ensure everyone is on the same page and working together to score.
  • Quick Ball Movement: In man-up situations, the offense should move the ball quickly to take advantage of the extra man. Players should be ready to receive and pass the ball quickly to create scoring opportunities.
  • Player Movement: Players should be constantly moving, looking for open space and opportunities to receive the ball. This helps create confusion for the defense and makes it easier to score.
  • Shooting Options: Players should be prepared to shoot from different angles and distances to catch the defense off guard. This helps create opportunities for goals, even if the defense is playing strong.
  • Diversifying the Offense: It is important to have a variety of offensive plays and strategies in place for man-up situations. This helps keep the defense on their toes and keeps them guessing as to what the offense will do next.
  • Strong Defense: Even when up a man, it is important to have a strong defense. This helps prevent the other team from scoring and ensures that the offense has plenty of time to set up and score.
  • Taking Shots Opportunities: Players should be ready to take shot opportunities when they present themselves. This means being aggressive and not hesitating to shoot when a good opportunity arises.
  • Playing With Confidence: Confidence is key in man-up situations. Players should play with confidence, knowing that they have an extra man on the field and that they have the advantage. This helps create opportunities for scoring and helps players stay focused and confident throughout the game.



In conclusion, “man-up” in lacrosse refers to a situation when a player from the opposing team is penalized and must serve time in the penalty box, leaving their team with one less player on the field. During this time, the team that did not incur the penalty has an advantage and is said to be “man-up.” The term is commonly used to describe the advantage in situations where one team is playing with more players on the field compared to their opponent.

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