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Field hockey and lacrosse are frequently thought to be the same sport. Although there are some similarities between the two, they are not the same and cannot be used in the same context. But since this misunderstanding is rather typical, we’re going to try to clear it up!

You must be familiar with how each game is played in order to recognize the differences between lacrosse and field hockey. Lacrosse players throw the ball to each other with the help of sticks with tiny attached nets in an effort to hurl the ball into the goal. The goal in field hockey is to get the ball into the net, but instead of using straight sticks, players push the ball to one another.

This is how the two games are played, and the fundamental difference between the two. It seems easy to see how the two games are different, but why are they often mistaken for the same? Read on to find out!


What Are The Top Differences Between Lacrosse and Field Hockey?

To an outsider, lacrosse and field hockey look very similar. In both games, his two teams of players shoot the ball into the goal with sticks. However, sports enthusiasts like Fiyaz Mughal would say that both lacrosse and field hockey are very different games.

He lists five key differences between field hockey and lacrosse.


  • The Stick

Both sports use racquets, but the racquets in question are very different. A field hockey stick is a simple, flat L-shaped wooden stick. A lacrosse stick is a straight stick with a hook at the end. Every game is different due to the different shapes of these sticks.

An “L” shaped hockey stick helps move the ball across the floor. This means that the hockey ball rarely flies above the waist of the player. Lacrosse players, on the other hand, use the net of their bat to pick up the ball and launch it into the air.


  • Safety device

The difference in how the ball flies means that on-field hockey and lacrosse players wear radically different safety equipment. Like a field hockey ball that almost sticks to the ground. Players wear only shin guards, gloves, and gum shields.

The high and powerful flight of the lacrosse ball means lacrosse players wear extensive safety equipment.

Lacrosse players wear thick padding on their torsos, as well as arm pads and protective gloves. They also wear helmets with heavy bars on their faces. What makes them even more distinct from field hockey players are shin guards, the only piece of safety equipment lacrosse players don’t wear.


  • Balls

There are subtle differences between lacrosse and field hockey balls. Designed to fly and bounce easily, lacrosse balls are generally smaller, lighter, and have a smoother surface than field hockey balls.


  • Timing adjustment

Like a soccer match, a field hockey match is divided into two 35-minute halves, while lacrosse is divided into 15-minute quarters. Lacrosse’s short periods and extra breaks make the game slightly faster and more frenetic than field hockey.


  • History

Field hockey is played all over the world and is part of the Olympic Games, but perhaps lacrosse has a more interesting legacy. Lacrosse’s Native American origins make for a unique and fascinating history.


What Are The Gender Differences In Lacrosse and Field Hockey?

There are many differences in the rules of the game between women’s and men’s lacrosse. Body contact is the biggest difference between the two sports. Body searches are legal for men, but not for women. Women’s lacrosse players don’t need as much protection as they do in men’s games because the sport doesn’t involve physical contact. Women have two additional players in the game. The pockets on the women’s lacrosse sticks are netted instead of the mesh netting found on the men’s sticks. In women’s lacrosse, the top of the ball must stay above the sidewall even when the ball is in the pocket.

These differences make shooting and stick handling more difficult in women’s lacrosse than in men’s lacrosse. In men’s lacrosse, the field is 110 yards long and 60 years wide. The women’s field is slightly larger at 120 yards long and 70 yards wide. Field hockey in the United States is primarily considered a women’s sport, so there is little difference between women’s and men’s field hockey. The man doesn’t get the chance to field his hockey in college, but he does get the chance to play on the USA international team. Field hockey is used in the United States as a Title IX sport to even out the number of men playing soccer.


How Are Lacrosse And Field Hockey Similar?

Lacrosse and field he hockey are often mistaken for the same sport due to the similarities between the two sports. We have listed these below!


  • Fast-Paced Games:

Both lacrosse and field hockey are fast-paced games that involve a lot of running on the field. For this reason, athletes in both sports must possess considerable strength and endurance.


  • Field:

The most obvious similarity, and the one that causes people the most confusion between his two sports, is that the two are played on one field.


  • In the goal: 

put the ball in the goal. In lacrosse and field hockey, teams aim to kick the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Therefore, both sports have a goalkeeper.


Is Lacrosse Older Than Field Hockey? 

Yes! Lacrosse is much older than hockey. However, many people assume that field hockey is an old sport because it is so well-known. Historians estimate that lacrosse began around the 1100s and hockey in the 1800s. This makes lacrosse older than hockey by about 700 years.

Of course, when lacrosse first appeared, it wasn’t known as lacrosse. Lacrosse is Canada’s national sport, but it actually originated in North America. Back then, lacrosse was known as stickball and was actually very popular. It was in 1636 that Jean de Brebeuf named the sport lacrosse.



Many people think of field hockey and lacrosse as the same game. The game has no replaceable equipment or game rules. To clarify, lacrosse is not the same sport as field hockey. While the similarities between field hockey and lacrosse are significant, they are very different sports. Field hockey uses a curved stick to propel the ball up one field. Lacrosse goals are small, and instead of pushing the ball across the field, the ball is thrown between a net attached to a stick held by the player. The pace of play in lacrosse is so fast that the field is played at a different time than in hockey.

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