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Lacrosse is a high-energy game that requires players to have quick reflexes and excellent ball-handling skills. Dodging is a key component of lacrosse and is used by players to evade defenders and create scoring opportunities. In this article, we will explore the best lacrosse dodging drills that can improve your game.


What is a dodge in lacrosse?

A dodge is a move that a lacrosse player makes to avoid a defender. It can involve a quick change of direction, a juke, or a spin move. Dodging can be done with or without the ball, and it’s an essential skill for any lacrosse player.


Why are dodging drills important?

Dodging drills can help players improve their footwork, speed, and ball-handling skills. These drills can also help players develop the ability to read defenses and make split-second decisions. By improving your dodging skills, you can become a more effective offensive player and help your team win more games.


What are the best lacrosse dodging drills?

1. One-on-one Dodging Drill

One-on-one dodging drill is a popular drill in lacrosse that aims to improve a player’s ability to evade a defender and create scoring opportunities. To perform this drill, two players line up facing each other, with one player designated as the offensive player and the other as the defender. The offensive player has a ball and must try to dodge the defender to get to the goal while the defender tries to prevent the offensive player from getting past.

The offensive player has different options to use when dodging the defender, including the face dodge, the roll dodge, the split dodge, and the swim dodge. The offensive player should use these techniques to create space and try to get past the defender. The defender should use their body positioning and stick skills to try and block the offensive player’s path to the goal.

The coach can add variations to this drill by adding additional defenders or limiting the number of dodges that the offensive player can use. This drill is an excellent way to improve a player’s footwork, stick handling, and decision-making skills. It also helps players develop their confidence and mental toughness when facing an opponent. With regular practice, players can improve their dodging ability and become more effective attackers on the field.


2. Bull Dodge Drill

The Bull Dodge is a popular and effective offensive move in lacrosse, and mastering it can give you an advantage over your opponents. To practice the Bull Dodge, you will need a partner and a set of cones. Start by placing the cones about 10 yards apart to create a corridor. Your partner should stand at one end of the corridor with a stick in front of them, and you should stand at the other end.

To begin, run towards your partner with the ball in your stick. As you approach, use your non-dominant hand to fake a pass or shot to one side of your partner’s stick. This should cause them to shift their stick in that direction, leaving the other side vulnerable. Take advantage of this by quickly switching the ball to your dominant hand and using your body to shield it from your opponent.

Now, use a quick burst of speed to dodge past your partner on the open side, making sure to keep the ball close to your stick. Once you have successfully dodged past your partner, take a shot on goal or pass the ball to a teammate.

It’s important to remember to stay low and maintain good body positioning throughout the Bull Dodge. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent to maintain your balance and make it harder for your opponent to knock you off the ball. With practice, the Bull Dodge can become a powerful tool in your offensive arsenal.


3. Three-man Weave Dodging Drill

The Three-man Weave Dodging Drill is a lacrosse drill that focuses on improving players’ dodging skills and their ability to work together as a team. In this drill, three players line up at one end of the field, with one player in the center and the other two on either side. The center player starts with the ball and passes it to one of the outside players, who then runs down the field and passes the ball back to the center player. The center player then passes the ball to the other outside player, who also runs down the field and passes the ball back to the center player.

The key to this drill is for the outside players to use dodging techniques to get past defenders as they run down the field. The center player should also work on their passing accuracy and timing to ensure that the outside players receive the ball at the right moment. As the players become more comfortable with the drill, they can increase the speed and intensity of their movements to create a more challenging practice.

The Three-man Weave Dodging Drill is a great way to work on both individual and team skills. It helps players develop their dodging abilities, passing accuracy, and teamwork, all of which are essential for success in lacrosse. By incorporating this drill into regular practice sessions, coaches can help their players improve their overall game and become more confident on the field.


4. Figure Eight Drill

The Figure Eight Drill is a popular lacrosse training exercise that focuses on developing players’ stick handling and agility skills. To perform the drill, the player starts by standing in a neutral position with their stick in their dominant hand. They then move the stick in a figure-eight motion around their body, passing the ball from one hand to the other at each crossover point. The player should aim to keep the stick close to their body and maintain a quick, fluid motion. As the player becomes more proficient, they can increase the speed and complexity of the drill by adding in fakes and other maneuvers. The Figure Eight Drill is an excellent way to improve hand-eye coordination, develop quick reflexes, and increase confidence with the ball. It is a foundational exercise that can benefit players at all levels of skill and experience, from beginners to advanced players.


5. Triangle Dodging Drill

The Triangle Dodging Drill is a common training exercise for lacrosse players that focuses on improving their ability to dodge defenders and create scoring opportunities. In this drill, three defenders stand in a triangle formation, while the offensive player attempts to navigate through them to get to the goal. The goal of the offensive player is to use a combination of fakes, spins, and quick changes of direction to get past the defenders and take a shot on goal.

The Triangle Dodging Drill is an excellent way to practice and improve footwork, agility, and ball handling skills. It also teaches players to think quickly on their feet and make split-second decisions, which are essential skills in game situations. To make the drill more challenging, coaches can increase the number of defenders or add time limits, forcing players to be even more efficient and strategic in their movements.

Overall, the Triangle Dodging Drill is an effective way to develop lacrosse players’ offensive skills and improve their ability to create scoring opportunities under pressure. It’s a great tool for coaches to use during practice sessions and can help players take their game to the next level.


6. Two-step Dodging Drill

The two-step dodging drill is a fundamental technique that lacrosse players can use to improve their dodging ability. This drill involves taking two steps in one direction before quickly changing direction and accelerating in the opposite direction. It’s a great way to develop agility, speed, and coordination while improving your ability to evade defenders.

To perform the two-step dodging drill, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your stick in your dominant hand. Take two steps in one direction, then pivot on your back foot and quickly change direction, accelerating in the opposite direction. As you change direction, move your stick to the opposite hand to protect the ball from defenders. Repeat the drill, alternating directions with each repetition.

To make the drill more challenging, you can increase your speed or add in defensive pressure. You can also practice different types of dodges, such as the roll dodge or the face dodge, to improve your ability to evade defenders in different situations.

Overall, the two-step dodging drill is a crucial technique for any lacrosse player looking to improve their dodging ability. With practice and dedication, you can use this drill to become a more effective and dynamic player on the field.



Dodging is an essential skill in lacrosse, and it’s something that players of all skill levels should work on. By using the best lacrosse dodging drills, players can improve their footwork, speed, and ball-handling skills. Remember to practice each of these drills regularly to become a more effective offensive player and help your team win more games.

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