How Long Are Lacrosse Games?

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You must first decide which league or division you will watch or participate in before you can estimate how long a lacrosse game lasts. This is due to the fact that each association has its own set of regulations. Now that that has been said, let’s look at how long a lacrosse game typically lasts.

The typical lacrosse game lasts for 60 minutes under regulation. This is divided into 4 quarters, each lasting 15 minutes. Except for halftime, when there is a 10-minute break, there is a 2-minute break in between each of those quarters. Four minutes are added for timeouts. This indicates that a lacrosse game should last around 78 minutes.


How Long Is A High School Lacrosse Game?

Most lacrosse players for colleges are discovered when they are still in high school. You could say that for pros, this is the starting point. However, compared to college lacrosse, high school lacrosse is not played with the same fervor. The times have changed as a result. However, the way that time is organized doesn’t change. Let’s look at it now.

Each quarter in a high school lacrosse game lasts 12 minutes. With the exception of halftime, there are around 2 minutes in between each quarter. The players now take a ten-minute rest. If you include the stop-start whistle, you are looking at roughly 65 minutes for a full game of regulation time.

The teams will play overtime if there is still a tie at the end of regulation. There are four 4-minute segments in total. Sadly, it is impossible to predict how long a game will last if extra time is used. This is because the teams will continue to play until one of them scores.


How Long Is A College Lacrosse Game?

Before making the jump to the major levels, young athletes establish themselves in college lacrosse. We utilize the regulations of college lacrosse as a starting point to describe the rules of professional lacrosse. They are so similar that this is the case. Having said that, let’s examine how long a lacrosse game lasts.

There are four quarters in a collegiate lacrosse game, and each quarter lasts 15 minutes. Each quarter has a two-minute intermission. The players will have a 10-minute rest during halftime, which occurs between the second and third quarters. A college lacrosse game lasts 74 minutes once the three timeouts are added up.

You will play in overtime if there is a tie at the end of the game. The death was unexpected. There will be four-minute intervals during the extra period of the game until a team scores. It is difficult to predict how long the game would last because the first team to score wins.


How Long Are Girls’ And Boys’ Lacrosse Games?

Two 12-minute halves make up a girl’s youth game, for a total of 24 minutes. The game will last an hour, including overtime and halftime.

The length of a women’s collegiate lacrosse game, however, is divided into two halves of 30 minutes each. The lacrosse team who scores first in overtime, which lasts six minutes and is divided into three-minute halves, wins the game.

A boy’s lacrosse game lasts for 60 minutes altogether, divided into four 15-minute quarters. Between the second and third quarters, there is a 10-minute halftime break in addition to the two-minute quarter breaks. There is a 4-minute sudden-death overtime period if the game is tied after regulation.


What Are Factors That Affect Lacrosse Game Length?

A lacrosse game’s length is determined by the following variables:

  • Quarters

In lacrosse, there are four quarters. Each of these quarters lasts for 12 minutes, making a total of 48 minutes of regulation time be played across the four quarters. Every quarter ends with a two-minute player break, with the exception of the second quarter’s ten-minute half-time break.

An average high school lacrosse game lasts about 65 minutes when you include the two-minute breaks and intermission. Keep in mind that some lacrosse games are split into halves. For instance, the length of a lacrosse game for high school girls is two 25-minute halves.


  • Halftime

In lacrosse, the halftime interval occurs between the second and third quarters. After playing the first and second quarters, this 10-minute break is the longest in the game and gives teams a chance to unwind.

Additionally, coaches might use this time to explain tactical changes to players or criticize bad behavior. Halftime pauses in high school games with spectators are the ideal time to buy snacks and beverages and schedule bathroom breaks.


  • Timeouts

Timeouts have an effect on how long a lacrosse game is. The level of the competition or the rules of the competition determines the length of timeouts. Teams in high school lacrosse are given two timeouts each half. You can take both in a single quarter, but this works out to one every quarter. There is no carryover of any timeouts from the first half into the second.


  • Overtime

Without overtime, the game lasts 65 minutes in total, including quarter and halftime breaks. In the event of a tie, the overtime periods are each four minutes long. The game ends in overtime when one of the sides scores the victorious goal.


What To Expect During A Lacrosse Game

Your objective in a lacrosse game is to put the ball in the goal. Your aim should be to help your squad score as many goals as you can, at the very least.

You must simultaneously work to keep the opposing team from scoring goals. You can expect to have to maintain a high level of playing energy because this can be really challenging. If you fail to do this, the opposite team will easily pass you or you won’t be able to pass them while attacking.

Lacrosse matches are tough. Until the game is over, or at least until you take a break in between each quarter, you will probably continue to run.

Four quarters of play are what you can anticipate. Depending on the league you play in or the regulations of your association, each quarter has a different length.



We have now reached the conclusion of this article. It is simple to make a generalization about how long a lacrosse game lasts. We made an effort not to. Our intention was to inform you of the average length of a game in each of the major categories. This post should have addressed all of your inquiries.

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