How Do I Improve My Shooting In Lacrosse?

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Lacrosse is a fast-paced sport that requires a combination of agility, speed, and accuracy when it comes to players shooting the ball into the goal. The ability to score goals is a critical skill in lacrosse, and improving your shooting game is essential for becoming a successful player. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, there are always ways to enhance your shooting techniques. In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to improve your shooting in lacrosse, including tips, drills, and strategies.


Master your form

The first step to becoming an excellent lacrosse shooter is mastering your shooting form. Proper shooting form is crucial for accuracy and power in your shot. Here are a few essential elements to keep in mind when it comes to shooting form:

– Stance: Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, with your toes pointing towards the goal. Keep your knees slightly bent, and your weight should be on the balls of your feet.

– Grip: Hold the stick with your dominant hand at the bottom of the handle and your non-dominant hand above your dominant hand. Keep your hands close together, and your elbows should be slightly bent.

– Wind-up: Bring your stick back to your hip in a smooth and controlled motion. This motion should be fluid and quick, so you can get power behind your shot.

– Follow-through: After you release the ball, follow through with your shot to gain more accuracy and power.


Practice, practice, practice

Improving your shooting skills in lacrosse requires consistent practice. There’s no shortcut to mastering this skill; you need to put in the hours of practice to get better. Here are a few drills that will help you improve your lacrosse shooting:

– Wall Ball: This is a classic drill that helps improve your stick skills and shooting accuracy. Stand in front of a wall and throw the ball against the wall, catching it with your stick. Repeat this drill to build muscle memory and develop consistency.

– Shooting on the move: Work on your shooting while running or dodging. Incorporate this drill into your regular practice routine to develop accuracy and agility while shooting on the move.

– Accuracy drills: Set up targets on the field or use cones to practice shooting accuracy. Take multiple shots from different angles and distances to improve your accuracy.


Develop your off-hand

Many lacrosse players rely heavily on their dominant hand to shoot and score goals, but it’s essential to develop your off-hand to become a more complete player. By using your non-dominant hand, you can create more shot opportunities and become a more effective player. Start by practicing pass and catch with your non-dominant hand, then work your way up to shooting.


Improve your footwork

Footwork is essential for creating space from defenders and getting into position to shoot. Improve your footwork by incorporating dodges into your practice routine. Work on quick, explosive movements that help you create space and give you a clear shot on goal.


Improve your mental game

Lacrosse is a physical game, but it’s also a mental game. A strong mental game can help you stay focused, stay motivated, and improve your performance. Here are some mental tips to help improve your lacrosse shooting game:

– Visualize success: Before you shoot, visualize the ball going into the net. A positive mindset can help boost your confidence and improve your overall performance.

– Stay calm under pressure: In lacrosse, shooting opportunities can be scarce, and the pressure to score can be intense. Stay calm under pressure, and don’t get frustrated if you miss a shot. Mistakes happen, and it’s crucial to stay focused and keep shooting.

– Learn from your mistakes: Use your missed shots as an opportunity for growth. Analyze what went wrong, and figure out what you can do differently next time to improve.


Watch and learn from the pros

One of the best ways to improve your lacrosse shooting is by watching the professionals. Watch games and analysis videos, and observe how they shoot the ball, their stance, and their strategies. Study their techniques and incorporate them into your practice routine to improve your own skills.



In summary, improving your shooting skills in lacrosse requires consistent practice, focus, and a desire to learn and grow. Use these tips and strategies to enhance your shooting game and become a more effective player. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep working hard, and you’ll soon notice your game improving.

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